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WWE Monday Night Raw Full Show Result – 9/23/02

Triple Threat Match WWE’s Women Championship Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly vs Victoria RAW kicks off with the new WWE Women’s champion, Trish Stratus. The match begins with Trish and Victoria fighting. Molly came in. Bodyslam by Molly. Trish fights back and does a roll-up on Victoria, 1,2 but Victoria kicked out. Victoria and Molly, […]

WWE Monday Night Raw Full Show Result – 9/16/02

Raw starts with highlights of the wedding from Samckdown. Most of the highlights shown were when Bischoff revealed himself as the justice of peace. Then, Jamal and Rosey attacked Chuck, Billy, and Steph. Eric Bischoff was shown sitting on a chair in the ring. All the lights were out and the camera was just on […]

WWE Monday Night Raw Full Show Result – 9/9/02

WWE Tag Team Titles Lance Storm & Christian vs Bradshaw & Kane All four men started fighting at the same time. Bradshaw and Kane double team Storm. Then Bradshaw squares off against Storm. Elbow by Bradshaw, 1,2 but Storm kicked out. Storm gets sent to the outside. Bradshaw suplexes him back in. Kane gets the […]

WWE Monday Night Raw Full Show Result – 9/2/02

Opening Segment Eric Bischoff comes out with a briefcase. He said that Brock Lesnar likes to refer to himself as the Undisputed WWE champion, and since Stephanie convinced him to be exclusive for Smackdown, he thinks the fans for RAW deserve their own World champion. He said that Triple H is the real #1 contender. […]

WWE Monday Night Raw Full Show Result – 8/19/02

Opening Segment The Undertaker came out. The first thing he wants to say, he never made his political opinions public. Just like his country, he doesn’t take no shit. USA chants broke. He is proud to be a man, and he is proud to be American. He said only in America, a man can be […]

WWE Monday Night Raw Full Show Result (August 5, 2002)

ey showed highlight of Triple H doing the pedigree on Shawn Michaels. They also showed highlights of last week’s RAW, when Shawn was attacked. RAW promo hits, followed by the pyro going off in Baltimore. Opening Segment Chris Jericho comes out. In case that us (jackasses) haven’t heard the news, welcome to Monday Night Jericho. […]

WWE Monday Night Raw Full Show Result (July 29, 2002)

The WWE promo hits followed by the WWE logo and a picture of Eric Bischoff. – They show highlights of Eric Bischoff naming Shawn Michaels as Triple H’s manager. They then show Shawn Michaels walking out followed by Triple H telling him to stay saying he has a plan. They show the reformation of D-Generation […]